Rowan Patents Technology

Rowan delivers an end-to-end patenting integrated drafting environment. Our senior consultants use patent-specific technology to support the following:

Rowan gets the most out of invention disclosure sessions with whiteboarding tools and the ability to capture information from inventors directly into the parts of a patent application (descriptions, drawings, figures, etc.), giving them a head start on drafting applications.

Rowan Patents Invention Capture

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Portfolio Management/Analytics and Reporting

Actionable patent data at your fingertips. Understand your company’s patent prosecution history and the relationship between your patents and those of your competitors to inform strategic filings and licensing opportunities.

Unlike other analytical tools, Rowan’s technology solution provides greater insights into portfolios, enabling better decision-making. These outcomes occur because the solution is based on an object-oriented authoring environment and superior machine learning.

Gain a holistic understanding of your patent portfolio with a dashboard featuring prosecution history and up-to-date status of active applications. With a better view of the issues cited in Office actions, you and your patent counsel can address common problems that result in longer prosecution time.

Rowan Report - Application Dashboard