Patent Services


Rowan’s senior consultants leverage Technology-Enabled Legal Services (TELS) to provide an end-to-end patent solution, from IP strategy through preparation and prosecution; all the way to transactions. Rowan’s unique blend of real-world expertise and patent-specific software enables experienced lawyers to write quality patents quickly and cost-effectively, allowing your technology and legal teams to focus on high-value functions.

Rowan Patents Team Performance

Rowan’s team possesses a wealth of experience in IP strategy, patent drafting and prosecution. They have worked with more than 300 corporate clients and filed approximately 750 patent applications over the last two years. They have built sophisticated IP strategies for corporate in-house teams from a range of industries and possess domain expertise in artificial intelligence, communications and networking technology, digital media and information technology, electronics and semiconductors, financial services, business methods and more.

Look to Rowan for the most experienced patent litigation and transactions team in the industry, having completed hundreds of deals, worth billions of dollars.

Rowan Patents Technology

Rowan delivers an end-to-end patenting process. Our senior consultants use patent-specific technology to support the following:

Rowan gets the most out of invention disclosure sessions with whiteboarding tools and the ability to capture information from inventors directly into the parts of a patent application (descriptions, drawings, figures, etc.), giving them a head start on drafting applications.

Rowan Patents Invention Capture

Portfolio Management/Analytics and Reporting

Actionable patent data at your fingertips. Understand your company’s patent prosecution history and the relationship between your patents and those of your competitors to inform strategic filings and licensing opportunities.

Unlike other analytical tools, Rowan’s technology platform provides greater insights into portfolios, enabling better decision-making. These outcomes occur because the platform is based on an object-oriented authoring environment and superior machine learning.

Gain a holistic understanding of your patent portfolio with a dashboard featuring prosecution history and up-to-date status of active applications. With a better view of the issues cited in Office actions, you and your patent counsel can address common problems that result in longer prosecution time.

Rowan Report - Application Dashboard

Rowan Patents Engagement

Patent Preparation and Process

It’s easy to get started with Rowan Patents, due to a flexible engagement and onboarding process that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of any company. Our consultants can manage your patent program from beginning to end or can be brought in at any point in the process to meet your company’s needs. We have the expertise to run productive invention disclosure sessions with your company’s inventors, draft high-quality patent applications using tech-enabled tools – regardless of the development stage of the application – and also prosecute patents quickly and effectively. In fact, the patents we draft receive nearly one less Office action per application than the USPTO average.

More importantly, our goal is for clients to see the benefits of having lawyers focus on the strategic elements of the patent, instead of tedious tasks, such as proofreading, numbering, labeling, and pulling USPTO data. Plus, our software platform delivers the ability to track items within the process at a granular level.

IP Management Consulting

Clients can rely on the expertise of Rowan’s patent consultants to construct corporate IP strategies that protect their IP and strengthen their position in the marketplace.

IP Transactions

Rowan’s team reviews tens-of-thousands of patents per year and has completed deals worth billions of dollars, providing them with the domain expertise and hands-on experience to craft new targeted acquisition and IP license programs for your organization or as a part of a syndicate of multiple operating companies.

IP Strategy

Rowan’s team has collectively been involved in most of the notable patent transactions during the past 20 years. We can provide valuable insights to companies developing new IP strategies, assessing existing ones, or to investors or boards in need of independent assessments based on real data and experience.