Rowan Anti-Counterfeit

Counterfeit Products Markets

Global Counterfeit Products $1.2 Trillion in 2017
The amount of total counterfeiting globally has reached to 1.2 Trillion USD in 2017 and is bound to reach 1.82 Trillion USD by the year 2020 which includes counterfeiting of all equipment/products from defense equipment to counterfeiting of watches, according to the Global Brand Counterfeiting Report 2018.
The Global Brand Counterfeiting Report, 2018 estimates that the losses suffered due to online counterfeiting globally has amounted to 323 Billion USD in the year 2017.
Anti-counterfeiting, Brand Protection and Security Packaging Growing to $3.6 Billion by 2022
The Future of Anti-counterfeiting, Brand Protection and Security Packaging to 2022, Smithers’ forecasts this global market will grow during the period 2017–2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3%, to reach $3.6 billion in 2022.

“Anti-counterfeiting is in an arms race against counterfeiters. We are racing to catch up with them and the current solutions do not provide major brands with market clearing collaborative solutions.”

Rowan Anti-Counterfeit Services Overview

Rowan’s senior consultants will organize and advise multiple brands to enforce collaboratively and change the asymmetry. Rowan’s technology will identify high volume counterfeiters (HVCs) to focus collaborative response and drive greatest impact.
Rowan Anti-Counterfeiting Services

Rowan provides expert anti-counterfeiting services, including online counterfeit detection and collaborative multi-company enforcement.
Rowan Counterfeit Detection and Collaborative Multi-Company Enforcement

  • Use multiple plaintiff, cost-effective litigation enforcement
  • Increase “table stakes” for counterfeiters with court orders
  • Freeze (and sweep) payment platforms
  • Establish court track record that can be useful with marketplaces, payment sources, and law enforcement
  • Collaborative efforts can eliminate data asymmetry and increase counterfeit detectability

Getting Started

  • Rowan will provide you with analysis on High Volume Counterfeiters in your market segment and the overlap of major brands.
  • Agree to join a collaborative enforcement program managed by Rowan.