Technology-Enabled Legal Services (TELS) Market

Technology-enabled solutions have made an impact on the business world. Many corporate departments have integrated technology into their daily practices to achieve greater efficiency and results, despite ever-increasing budget pressure. In general, the legal market has been slower to adopt technology due to the lack of integrated solutions built upon a foundation of domain expertise.

The market for legal services in the United States was $437 billion in 2017, compared to a $204 billion market for accounting services. Yet, accounting departments are spending their budget on technology solutions at nearly a 3X greater rate than legal departments. In fact, the relative technology spending for legal was $3 billion, while accounting was $4.1 billion. This disparity illustrates the significant market for TELS.

U.S. Spending on Technology vs. Services
By Industry (2017)

About Rowan

The company was founded by John Amster in 2018, based on several years researching the legal technology market. In late 2018, the initial Rowan team acquired patent technology experts TurboPatent. Rowan provides cost-effective technology-enabled legal services (TELS) that address the complex legal challenges of corporations and law firms. Rowan’s initial focus is delivering value for IP groups by combining leading IP experts and consultants with a state-of-the-art technology platform that incorporates AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Diversity in Innovation

As we reflect on our place in the technology and intellectual property industries, Rowan recognizes there are many innovators whose voices need to be heard, and who deserve the same opportunities and resources that others have historically enjoyed. Rowan’s business is to foster innovation, and innovation works best when all perspectives and backgrounds are valued and welcomed.

For these reasons, diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to empower our team, serve our clients, and achieve our goals. We are committed to cultivating diversity, and insist upon equity and inclusion within our company. We seek to promote these values across our industries and communities as well. To that end:

  • We have formed a cross-disciplinary team to advocate for meaningful change, and to provide accountability as we seek to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion at Rowan.
  • We have joined the WTIA Anti-Racism in Tech Pact.
  • We are supporters of the diversity in innovation pledge
  • We collect and monitor data on our demographic makeup to transparently report on the diversity within our company.
  • We support our employees with a flexible and inclusive work environment.
  • We are committed to evaluating our hiring practices to reduce bias and promote opportunities for diverse hiring.

Rowan Offerings

  • Rowan Patents: An end-to-end solution of patent drafting software to provide an integrated drafting environment. Take an application from invention capture through drafting and Office action responses, preventing errors before they occur, and utilizing predictive analytics to assist in decision making.
  • Rowan Anti-Counterfeit: Online counterfeit detection and collaborative multi-company enforcement; and
  • Rowan Legal Management Consulting: IP strategy and process consulting, transactions and licensing, patent portfolio management/analysis, and IP diligence, supporting M&A and investment engagements.