Technology-Enabled Legal Services (TELS) Market

Technology-enabled solutions have made an impact on the business world. Many corporate departments have integrated technology into their daily practices to achieve greater efficiency and results, despite ever-increasing budget pressure. In general, the legal market has been slower to adopt technology due to the lack of integrated solutions built upon a foundation of domain expertise.

The market for legal services in the United States was $437 billion in 2017, compared to a $204 billion market for accounting services. Yet, accounting departments are spending their budget on technology solutions at nearly a 3X greater rate than legal departments. In fact, the relative technology spending for legal was $3 billion, while accounting was $4.1 billion. This disparity illustrates the significant market for TELS.

U.S. Spending on Technology vs. Services
By Industry (2017)

About Rowan

The company was founded by John Amster in 2018, based on several years researching the legal technology market. The initial Rowan team acquired patent technology experts, TurboPatent, in late 2018. Rowan is innovating new technology- and data-enabled solutions for patent drafting and management, licensing, and anti-counterfeit. Our legal consulting services team is comprised of executives with decades of legal, transactional and consulting experience that can provide industry-best strategies for corporate clients. We offer deep domain expertise, senior service, end-to-end solutions, and the flexibility to deliver technology and services in a way that works best for each client.

John Amster

Founder and CEO

John is the founder and CEO of Rowan Legal Corporation and has been a leading innovator in the IP industry for the past 20+ years. Prior to Rowan, John was a co-founder of RPX Corporation and co-CEO. He served as the CEO from 2008-2017, leading his team from inception to a $850 million IPO, with more than $100 million in revenue in three years.

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Rowan has invested in a state-of-the-art technology platform that incorporates AI, machine learning, and natural language processing. Rowan’s senior consultants use this platform to deliver end-to-end legal and IP management services for corporate clients.

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